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BFA Review

For my final year in the Fine Arts Program I would like to focus specifically in the medium of sculpture. In the past three years I have found it to be my strength. I am particularly interested in the construction of chimerical creatures. Through the processes of building armatures, bodies and skin for my work I have begun to develop a concept. To continue that development I plan to research fossil reconstruction and the paleontology of fossils. The knowledge that I obtain from that research will be the foundation for my body of work. I feel this process during my senior year will be an important step in defining who I have become as an artist.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jessica Joslin

Jessica Joslin's work is very intriguing, all of her creatures are of an unknown species crafted from bone, brass, and antique hardware, and an array of other findings and fittings. Her work is a cross of science and imagination, her work looks very much alive but impossible to exist in the natural world. What makes her work so alluring to me is the dichotomy of what is real and what is not, and the boundary of where we can tell the difference can become fuzzy if we allow our minds to wander.

Every Year the AA department organizes an art exhibition that is open to all undergraduate students. I entered once a couple years ago but the three pieces that I entered weren’t accepted. So I didn’t bother with the exhibition the next year. This year I decided to give it another shot so I entered three more pieces 2 sculptures and a painting; my Crabapple sculpture, and a plaster sculpture of my head and one of my bird paintings. and all three of them were accepted. It feels good to have other people see my work.